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Aerial Lift Safety on Construction Sites

Aerial lifts are ordinarily utilized as a part of development,
athletic occasions and repair services to lift people to a hoisted work
position. Appropriate operation and utilization of aerial lifts can make
finishing of errands at rise, more secure and more efficient. Dangerous use and
operation of aerial lift can bring about fatal damage. Therefore safety
precautions should always be the first priority when using aerial lifts

The branches using aerial lifts must at all times ensure
that operators and supervisors are following the rules given when it comes to operation.
Those people who are willing to be aerial lift employees and operators must at
all times complete the training program that pertains to this machines. They
should first receive all the relevant certification that is needed before being
given any aerial lifts to operate.

The reason why we have safety precautions while using this
kind of machines is to minimize the risk of property damage as well as physical
injuries and deaths in those areas that aerial lifts are in operation. It also
creates awareness to all those people working near this kind of machine.

Aerial lift should be put to work after double checking that
the emergency controls, safety devices, fluid levels for example hydraulic
fluids, engine oil as well as coolants are all in the right condition to work. This
check up should be done daily so that one will always be sure that the machine
is safe to work with. In case there is any defect, it should be reported
immediately for repair. The aerial lift that has broken down should always be
tagged, locked and taken out of service.

Anyone operating an aerial lift should not wear loose clothing
or anything that can be caught in the moving parts. The person operating the
machine should always make sure that before starting the aerial lift he/she has
walked all round the machine just to be sure that everything and everyone is
clear away from the machine.

Extendable boom and articulating boom platforms mainly made
as personnel carriers need to have both the lower and the upper platform. Lower
controls should always be used to override the upper control that is always in
the reach of the operator. The lower control should never be used unless there
is permission from the operator inside the lift. The only reason one can use it
is in case there is an emergency.

Addition or modification of the machine for any reason
whatsoever is strictly prohibited, unless there is a hand written approval of
the manufacturer. The maintenance, capacity as well as the operation
instruction markings can be changed if necessary when the manufacturer has
approved the modification. Where there are insulation in the aerial lifts, one
should not alter with them for that can reduce the insulting value. When a
machine breaks down no one should use it until the repairs have been done and
has been authorized for use. Supervisors should always be told if an accident
happens so as to prevent further damage if any.

When working with an aerial lift one should always put into
consideration the amount of wind. When there is wind always follow the manufacturer’s
instruction on how to operate on windy conditions. In general an aerial lift
should not be operated where the wind speed exceeds 25mph.Although in some
cases this can depend on the model of the machine. If there is a time that the
video personnel’s or the staff feel they insecure, they may decide to ground
the lift and cease with the video practices, No one should ask any question Before
raising the platform, access gates or openings should always be closed and
guardrails should be installed.

When using the aerial lift one should be attentive towards
where the aerial lift is going. On the guardrails, no employee should climb or
sit. On the working platform there should be no planks or ladders to be used. The
aerial should never be placed against an object to steady the platform that has
been elevated. One should never use an aerial lift as a lifting device or as a

If at any time a platform or any other part of the aerial lift becomes entangled, the operator should not force drive
it but instead ask for assistance. All the equipment being used are always
supposed to be inside the aerial lift. Elevated platform devices and the booms
are never supposed to be positioned as jack in any attempt to wheel off the
ground. Operator should always find a safe suitable parking ground before
shutting down the machine. When fueling aerial lifts should always be shut off
to protect flames or sparks that can cause explosions or fires.

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